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Music Ministry

The music ministry at Lexington Baptist Church draws guidance from Philippians 2:2-11, which includes a great hymn to Christ. Our purpose as Christians who happen to be musicians is not to entertain, but to lead the congregation into experiences of genuine worship. We embrace any music that glorifies God and edifies our brothers and sisters in Christ. We serve a God who transcends time, so we are willing to use music from any time to praise Him.


Our praise team leads Sunday morning worship, but we have a choir that prepares special music for Christmas, Easter, and Lord’s Supper services. Recently, the choir led out in our very first Hymn Sing. 


If you are interested in being a part of this kind of music ministry, fill out the form below!

We want to invite you to become part of our family! Put your name and contact information on that form to the right, and we'll get in touch!

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